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Mixed Emotions Mixed Emotions

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

first of all, you might want to change that high pitched sound right at the start of the song, its kind of annoying and unnessesary. you could just start the song at 0:06

as the guy below me stated, this does sound like a boss battle in mario or something. It makes me think of the castle levels from the mario games with a little super meat boy.

the change at 4:20 is nice, it slows down a bit and gets a bit of a funky tune before picking up again.

one critique i have is the high pitchedness (is that a word?) of the lead guitar, it sounds good but has a bit of emphasis on the high end which makes it a little hard to listen to.

you should try adding some pads and more bass to fill out the song as it feels a bit empty, consisting mainly of drums, guitar and the occasional synth/bass

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Rejuvenate Rejuvenate

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

To me this sounds like something you would have lyrics to, which makes it sound like an instrumental take on a song with lyrics.

your drums and lead synths are pretty good however I feel you are lacking on bass. but I personally prefer my songs to have more bass to them, makes it awesome to listen to on big speakers.

I like the use of the bells however I feel the bell sections felt empty, maybe try adding an extra bassline or drum section on those parts to fill it in.

The beat is pretty catchy and overall the mix is pretty clean, ill give it a 4.5/5

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Demonic-Overmind responds:

Holy Crap, I forgot to add a sub bass tbh.
I'm not sure about bells section though, I'll look into it.
Thanks for the review!

Edit: Added Sub-bass

Precious Time Precious Time

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice use of the clock sound effect, the start sounds like a hip hop track which is interesting for being a dance song.

the side chaining is a nice touch, feels very professionally done.

one part i feel could have been done a little better was the drop after the buildup. I personally prefer some nice bass after a buildup so I might be a little biased towards the way it was done here. you accentuated the lead synth above the bass which is a common trait of modern dance songs. while not necessarily a bad thing I feel like it could use more bass.

the piano part was a nice change of pace and helps work towards the next buildup, the second buildup was better but still feels lacking on bass.

overall I did enjoy it, I can tell you put some hard work into this especially with the vocal work.

9/10 and 5/5

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DJ-CJ-Doty responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a good review on it! Really appreciate it! :D
Looks like you've figured me out pretty well. Yes, I do prefer lead over bass. My guess is because I'm a home producer that listens to EDM in my spare time rather than feeling the beat in the club, haha. ;)
I am happy with how the clock and sidechaining turned out too! Makes me happy to see someone appreciating the complexity of these things. :)
I hope you have a fantastic day!

Dumpster Goblins Dumpster Goblins

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i like that first bass, its very different than what you would normally hear in a dance song.

the melody is catchy and nice to listen to, sound levels are not bad. it starts to pick up at 1:04 in a good way, everything flows nicely.

not sure about the name as it doesn't really make me think of dumpster goblins lol. if anything it makes me think of flying through a futuristic city in a flying car.

overall, its pretty well done, not really much i can criticize

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Drewpy responds:

Haha yeah idk where the name really came from. I just thought it would be funny. Thanks for the review!

Summertime Summertime

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

somehow this reminds me of some modern pop songs, but that's probably just me.

one thing i think could improve this song is to add another layer on top of the main melody to help compliment it.

also, your drum kick is pretty bass-y which is good but in this case i feel like it overpowers everything else a bit, including your bass. you should definitely try to up the power of your bass or maybe add in another bass layer.

overall, its not bad, the first transition made me think it would drop into an epic beat but it has a short slower part right before before it drops the beat.

Chliz responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I will EQ my kicks next time

~Witz~ Flip (Loop) ~Witz~ Flip (Loop)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awesome! if i were making a game with a crystal level i think this would work perfectly for it. your use of sidechaining and the glitching are quite nice. the drums are very subtle in certain parts and add an nice atmosphere. i like it!

~Witz~ Canadian Bacon ~Witz~ Canadian Bacon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really like the sidechaining effect :p works really well on that background beat

Settle it IN SMASH Settle it IN SMASH

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very nice! I'm a huge smash fans so i like hearing remixes :P

+5 overall remix quality is pretty good, feels like a slow DNB/hardstyle song to me and i like that. the drums work well and the bass is nice and thumping.

+3 your showing good originality compared to most remixes. you blended the original with yuor own stuff to make an awesome beat.

-1 sound quality feels like it could have been mastered a little better in a few areas, the trumpets are a little loud compared to the other instruments. I also feel you could get a little more power out of that kick.

+1 it's smash bros, you get a point for that :P

overall i do like it, it flows well and the instrument choice is very good, however there is always room for improvement.

5+3-1+1 = 8/10 / 4/5

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CeeeX responds:

Thanks for the feed!

~Echo~ My World (Club Mix WIP) ~Echo~ My World (Club Mix WIP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent working of that sidechaining. the reverb works really well for me not sure what that other guy didn't like about it.

my only complaint is the instrument choice feels a little too generic, but that is only a minor complaint and not enough for me to dock off score.

Vestige Vestige

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad! a few things:

1 - this song gets a bit repetitive and feels like you have one long sequence that keeps repeating, try variating instruments a bit to make it feel fresh.

2 - your instruments feel a bit too "preset-ish" mainly that piano you used. you can find some great free VSTs online i recommend checking that out.

3 - i do like your use of slides, especially at 2:37, that was a nice touch.

overall ill give this a 4/5 :)

Lethal-Input responds:

Thanks for the review! I made all of the synths myself on Sylenth. The piano I use is the one that comes with FL with a bit of added reverb. I've gotten so used to it that it sounds fine to me, and it's a;ways been a bit awakening whenever someone mentions how fake the piano sounds. Any free piano plugins that you know of?