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pretty awesome! animation was nicely done. but how did the string not break?

lol nice, its funny how he didn't even stop looking at the nyan donut

Aqlex responds:

Yup, that was part of the idea. I never really understoof why there was such a big craze about nyan cat, but it seemed like the perfect useless thing for the male to be pouring all of his attention into. Also, I've been wondering what to call that nyan cat parody...Nyan donut works pretty well! Thank you for the review!


the animation on this was top knotch! almost 3d! I like how everything kinda moves along with the beat of the music.

Emrox responds:

Glad to hear you liked it :3

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interesting game. a bit generic but it seems like you put some work into it. a couple things to point out:

-adding more sound effects would make the game feel less empty
- split it up into multiple levels with different songs used on each one.
-try to get better sound effects that dont sound so stock

ya know, until i heard it used here, i never knew my song could be great menu music haha

TechVision responds:

It really fits well I think. A great track!


Falling out the window was unexpectedly funny, i thought i failed lol

good one

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The production quality is pretty good but this track does have a few problems you should try to fix

The lyrics are fine for what they are supposed to be. This song has a lot of bass that overpowers everything. you should probably work on mastering it a bit so its not so heavy.

You may want to increase the bit rate as the part with the kick drum has alot of underruns. The drum is also a bit too strong compared to everything else. I think lowering the volume of the bass and drum and maybe adding something new like a piano would help tremendously.

The ending feels a bit abrupt maybe have a bit of a longer ending that kind of fades out.

This song is well made and I think has alot of potential, just needs a bit of cleaning up.

MrSmash64 responds:

i'm very inexperienced with mastering and such, so this was some pretty nice feedback. i'll have to come back to this when i get better with my mastering skills.
also with the ending i kinda wanted it to be just "remember?" but i think i could of done that with an extended piano ending or something in retrospect
thank you for your wonderful feedback!

first of all, I'm digging the deep reverb. For orchestrated songs like this having good reverb is very important and right away, I think you nailed it.

The sound quality is also very good, the song has a very nice sounding lead violin and its accompanied by a solid bass.

The piano is very subtle and really adds to the overall atmosphere to make it feel more epic.

I can picture in my head a lord of the rings-like atmosphere with a party heading towards a mountain off in the distance, not knowing what to expect.

I like this, orchestrated music is one of my favorites.

Interesting. You have blended a few different things here, was not expecting that.

The beginning made me think this was going to be an acid-ish song but once it hits 0:13 you can hear that bass in the background that shows it is actually (very well done) modern dubstep.

I feel like there are some samples you used that are a little on the loud side but I do know songs like this are typically very loud so it's not uncommon. The entire mix has a very loud-looking waveform.

Aside from the volume problem that may not even really be a "problem" this is a pretty good song, although very short. but I assume it's because you have not finished it yet.

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saw you mention this in your song review, thought id hit you back up anyways.

this is an interesting piece, kinda reminds me of that one painting with all those staircases leading in different directions, i like how you also included that one staircase optical illusion

i was gonna give this a 10 but theres one thing that just doesn't feel right, your lack of color. you have 3 primary colors you use:


i think you could use a bit more color, the white just makes this feel like theres nothing there...but i guess that does kinda work for the whole 'void' feeling :)

VidGameDude responds:

glad to have critique then a 10.
or a 10 and critique is nice too but im glad there's something you wish me to improve on.

yeah the color mix is a bit strange and a tad offputting, glad you noticed that, but pretty much what i was going for.

thanks for the review regardless of your offer!
your music piece was quite relaxing.



best face ive seen all day!


very well done.

reminds me of godzilla with the flatness of the mouth

Music for your Mind.

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