Tower Defense Boss fight

2013-05-23 18:29:06 by ganon95

So we recently finished up the basics for the first boss for my Rhythm Tower defense game Rhythm Tower Story

This boss is a little different then what you might see in other Tower defense games. instead of a bunch of enemies spawning there is just one boss. you must take down his legs in order to damage the body, the legs will heal and allow the boss to keep moving toward the end, so you must be quick.

Tower Defense Boss fight


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2013-05-23 18:50:16

A rhythm-based tower defense could be really good!


2013-05-23 19:52:10

that's... actually an interesting concept. Can you spoil some ideas you wanna implement?

ganon95 responds:

i have plans for future levels to have different boss fights, if you want to get more info like our facebook page