Designing a game with no flash experience

2013-03-24 18:40:03 by ganon95

I have been working on design and music for a Rhythm based tower defense game called Rhythm Tower Story for the past year or so and today I just received a wave design tool to create waves. During this entire process I have not jumped on flash once, yet were still making a game!

This tool really simplifies the process for me, as well as the coder. I am hoping to have this game ready to go for the public beta soon!

Designing a game with no flash experience


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2013-03-24 18:59:19

So you have an editor or something?

ganon95 responds:

yup, it makes it much easier since the code for the waves are auto-created instead of having to be done by hand.


2013-03-24 18:59:51

It's always good to understand the code behind those kinds of programs though, that way you could hack/personalize it to your needs. I'm pretty confident this is the tool that all of those foreign game companies use to whip out cookie cutter TD games in bulk. (Which is quickly killing the genre)

(Updated ) ganon95 responds:

lol this TD game is a bit different then your run of the mill TD game, and it is wayyy different then Symphonic TD


2013-03-25 03:58:08

Is that a custom made editor though, or something anyone can get their hands on? I just finished a Pacman game though I barely know any AS, but as long as there are tutorials, there is hope! :)

The game looks good, not heavy on graphics but I'm guessing it'll be heavy on effects? Looking forward to it!

ganon95 responds:

this editor is custom made, so is the engine.

the starting graphics are simple but theres more to it, as you progress the graphics will come into play on top of the effects :p


2013-03-25 14:29:08

Flash is just a tool for making SWF's, use whatever you want.


2013-03-26 05:13:40

Lol, look at @FrozenFire whoring his games... XD