oh no!

2012-07-25 03:36:58 by ganon95

Today I turn the ripe old age of 22.

A wise old man once said something but i forgot what it was.

I can already feel the Arthritis settling in.

help me

This is what I will become soon

oh no!


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2012-07-25 04:03:58

happy birthday dudeguy!


2012-07-25 14:13:26

you are as old as you feel...i am as "old" as you and i have the feeling that i am young...or was that sarcasm? anyway, happy birthday!


2012-07-25 14:42:27

haha...i actually found this to be quite amusing. I'm quite fond of constant use of the Captain Picard double facepalm, and have on appropriate occassion. Wow, that woman is astonishing for 100! Happy birthday though.